Height: 5'8"

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes Color: Blue

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA

Vocal Type: Soprano w/Mix + Belt


Locations: New York & Boston



Conductor Productions | Fanatics - "Show the World" | Jonathan Bekemeier



Netflix | The Mothership | Matt Charman

Teenager #1

Kasey Dugan Productions | Leftover | Kasey Dugan

Lead Actress - Door


HBO Max | Gossip Girl (2x01) | Joshua Safran

Stylist Assistant

Amazon Prime | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (5x01) | Amy Sherman-Palladino

TWA Stewardess

Amazon Prime | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (4x07) | Daniel Palladino

Button Club Patron


HBO Max | Julia (1x02, 1x05) | Charles McDougall

Netflix | The Society (1x03, 1x09) | Tara Nicole Weyr & Brett Simon


Stand-In/Body Double
Special Skills

Singing (Classical Soprano), ballet, waitress, hostess, baking, teaching youth, performing outdoors, audiobook narration, voice acting, driver’s license, and passport.

Training & Workshops

Marymount Manhattan College | BFA Musical Theater

Instructors - Ann Hamilton, Carla Stickler, Dana Moore, and Paul Takacs

CP Casting | Auditioning for TV & Film

Instructor - Kyle Crand

Boston Casting | Audiobook Narration 101-103

Instructor - Chris Ciulla

Boston Conservatory | Musical Theater Dance Intensive

Instructors - Michelle Chasse, Larry Sousa

Boston Conservatory | Vocal/Choral Intensive

Instructor - Patty Thom

FX | Retreat | Brit Marling/Zal Batmanglij

Emma Corrin (Darby)

HBO Max | Gossip Girl (2x01) | Joshua Safran


Theater (Partial)

Marymount Manhattan College | The Few and the Favored | Richard Hutzler

Lead Actress - Platinum

Lead Actress - Angela, Deb, & Mavis

Westford Theater Arts | Fen | Mike Towers

Lead Actress - Marcia

Westford Theater Arts| By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea | Sam Nudler

Musicals (Partial)

Lead Actress - Sarah

Marymount Manhattan College | Play it FOURward | Mary Anne Piccolo

Theater With A Twist | CATS | Mary Spinosa Wilson

Lead Actress - Bombalurina

Stony Brook Theater | State Fair | Kathleen McKenzie

Lead Actress - Emily Arden

Theater With A Twist | Into the Woods | Mary Spinosa Wilson

Lead Actress - Florinda

The Lexington Players | 13 The Musical | Sal Jones

Lead Actress - Lucy